| Who we are

A Happy Mall is one of the fastest growing online retailers. (NOVA SILK ROAD SARL)

We are designer! We do design almost all the time, because design is the basis of all human activities. We are designers and we want to present every piece of design in front of you.

We are explorers! Because, each of our masterpieces is exploring the mysteries of fashion. Each new product is our opinion on the latest trends. We want to bring trends into our lives.

We are our own supervisors! We will not tolerate a little error in the quality of our products. Each raw material is carefully selected and rigorously tested, and each process is checked at every level before the final product can be presented to the customers.

We are your closest friends! We are your closest friends. Whenever you need help, we are at your side to provide you with the best service. Recommend the best product for you.

No matter who we are, we only bring you the best products and shopping experience. And we will never forget our mission.


| How are we different

Innovation! Your dress affects you, but not only wearing it, accessories such as bags will become an extension of your modern life. And our advantage lies in innovation, innovation is always the darling of fashion.

Optimal combination! Combining natural styling with elegant manufacturing processes, it offers a variety of fresh colors and modern materials, high-quality nylon, lightweight, comfortable and extremely practical.



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