The Best Bags for Men


A man’s bag selection is often an extension of his own character. Bags offer much more than just a place to store your books and drugs. In this guide for the best bags for men, I’ll be showing you how to identify your own personal style when it comes to bags in addition to showcasing some popular choices in separate categories. A quick note, however: this guide will focus more on menswear-inspired backpacks, briefcases etc.. and will not bear upon sportier options like this. As always, I’d like to mention that this is by no means an authoritative guide as opinions can vary greatly in terms of fashion. These are my own opinions. Let’s begin:

“But what bag is best for me?” Great question, guy! Before we even look at the types of bags, it’s important to grasp the concept that not every bag is compatible with every style. Without going too deep into the notion of personal style (a post for another time), we’re gonna take a look at a few examples of bags that just don’t fit cohesively with the rest of the outfit. What makes this guy look a bit foolish while this one looks considerably better? They’re both wearing suits and they’re both wearing backpacks. Well, it’s obviously that the first guy’s bag is considerably more casual than his suit while the second’s (though a backpack still isn’t the best choice) fits a bit better. The key to having a bag that’s a continuation of your style as opposed to something that diminishes it is what you’re wearing and where you are. Say for example, you’re a fan of parkas, boots, and other typically “outdoorsy” apparel; you may want something like a knapsack. Someone more accustomed to streetwear could go with this “techy” bag and someone who dresses more professionally could opt for a leather bag. If you plan on buying a leather anything, please note that “genuine” leather is actually a grade of leather, and it’s nearly the worst kind (see leather grades here). Choose full or top grain leather, especially if you want to have the bag for many years. Full grain leather will not only look considerably better with age, but it’s structurally superior to genuine or PU. Remember that there isn’t really a universal bag. Each category has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s not like you can only own one.