Originating from lawyers carrying briefs (type of legal documents, but also underwear), briefcases have expanded to nearly all corners of the professional world. Briefcases are usually known for being leather “boxes,” but I think the softer leather ones are more appealing and stylish, though they’re still sturdier than messenger bags and satchels. This is used to protect documents and it’s the primary distinguishing factor between briefcases and other bags. When it comes to the best bags for men, briefcases are a class of their own.

They’re not built for carrying a whole lot, but are very stylish and let’s be honest; you look important if you have one. When it comes to briefcases, leather quality is key. If you’re committed to getting a briefcase, you should certainly spend the extra bit to get a nice, leather one as you’ll likely be sporting it alongside a suit. I’ll mention a few varying price options, but still keep this in mind.

Zebella – I want to be clear: this bag may look like it’s made of leather, but it’s actually a very thin “split” leather layered on top of polyurethane. For a briefcase, it’s pretty much the cheapest option you can find. It has a few pockets and can fit a 14″ laptop. This is a good choice for someone who wants a “professional” looking bag, but without the associated pricetag.

Vicenzo – This bag is constructed entirely of full grain leather and comes in 4 different leather finishes. This is also one of those bags that can fit into multiple categories as it does technically qualify as a courier bag with the removable strap attached. It uses a push lock closure and has a side zip pocket on the outside (good or bad depending on taste).