10 Steps for Organizing Kitchen

From ezStorage

1. Pull Everything Out

In order to get a good idea of what stays and what goes, pull everything out of your kitchen cabinets. Once everything is out of your cabinets, sort through all of the items to determine what should stay and what goes. Any duplicate items, broken or damaged items, or things you simply don’t need should be donated, sold or thrown out.

2. Clean the Cabinets

Before putting anything back into your cabinets, clean each cabinet. Wipe them down to remove any dust or debris inside.

3. Use Shelf Liner

To protect your dishes and glasses from any scratches and nicks, use shelf liner in your cabinets. Shelf liner will also help to make your cabinets look more organized.

4. Evaluate What Goes Inside of the Cabinets

There may be some items that are cluttering your cabinets that you can store somewhere else. For example, pots and pans can be hung on wall hooks. This will help to free up more space in your cabinets.

5. Make Use of Vertical Space

In order to maximize available storage space, always take advantage of vertical storage space. For example, consider adding half shelves inside of the cupboards to store smaller items.

6. Store Items Where You Use Them

To minimize the amount of work you need to do to find items you use often, store kitchen items near the location you use them. For example, keep all of the pots, pans and other cooking items near the stove. You’ll thank yourself for following this tip time and time again.

7. Purchase Pull-Out Cabinet Organizers

One of the reasons kitchen cabinets get disorganized is because they’re hard to reach. To keep your kitchen organized, investing in pull-out cabinet organizers is a must. Pull out cabinet organizers will allow you to easily find, store and organize pots, pans and more.

8. Group Similar Items Together in Bins

To keep similar items together, group them in bins. Small storage bins can be purchased at any organization store and can be used to store sponges, extra silverware, snacks and more.

9. Avoid Putting Heavy Items in High Cabinets

To prevent injury and damage to your belongings, never put heavy items on high shelves. Keep heavy items at eye level where they are easy to find and don’t strain your back lifting.

10. The Organization Process Never Ends

To keep your cabinets organized going forward, it’s important to realize that an organization project never ends. As your cabinets start to look too cluttered, spend time organizing again.